Xin Chao Everyone,
I’m Michael, and my enduring love for driving and insatiable wanderlust have led me on remarkable journeys through the varied landscapes of my beautiful homeland, Vietnam. Whether it’s the enchanting terrain of the Northwest, the awe-inspiring vistas of the Northeast, the untouched sandy shores of Mui Ne, or the expansive coffee plantations of the Central Highlands, Vietnam offers a wealth of diverse experiences for everyone to discover.
Mounted on the back of a motorcycle, I’ve embarked on journeys from the bustling streets of Saigon to the serene tropical fruit orchards of the Mekong Delta. My foray into the world of tourism commenced in 2009 as a local guide in Sapa, where I led treks to native hill tribal villages. The following year, I relocated to Hanoi and embarked on a freelancing career, leading motorbike expeditions across Northern Vietnam. Later, I had the privilege of serving as a guide on a cruise ship in the picturesque Halong Bay.
In 2010, my path led me to a role as a tour leader for a highly regarded Australian adventure company. Six eventful years have passed since then, during which I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a diverse array of captivating individuals and witnessing awe-inspiring landscapes along the way.
My unwavering desire to share the beauty and fervor of my homeland with visitors ignited the creation of my very own enterprise, Motorbike City Tours, in 2016. It offers a distinctive experience that seamlessly blends Vietnamese motorbike culture with tours that reveal the hidden gems of each city. Our excursions provide profound insights into the daily lives, work, traditions, and leisure activities of the local population.
Our exceptional team is eager and fully equipped to showcase the splendors of Vietnam to you. We stand ready to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime!
Happy Travels,
Mike – Mao Luong
Founder of Motorbike City Tours
  • Why do your female drivers wear Ao Dai? Vietnamese women in traditional dress Ao Dai is one of the most striking symbols of beauty in the country. However, nowadays, every Vietnamese woman prefers to wear it only on special occasions, such as traditional festivals and weddings… We want to contribute to preserving the heritage of Vietnamese women’s traditional Ao Dai at work. Because wearing the Ao Dai is practical and convenient, and it makes Vietnamese women appear charming and elegant. They do not have to think about what to wear to work every day. As a result, all of our female guides and drivers wear Ao Dai.
  • Why do you hire female drivers? Because we feel Vietnamese women are the most responsible drivers in the country! Not only that, but we believe that Vietnamese women are among the hardest working, yet most undervalued, in the world!Women continue to constitute a huge majority of the working poor in Vietnam, as they do across the developing world, earn less money, and are more frequently impacted by under- and un-employment, as well as hazardous working circumstances, than males.

All our tours are available until last minutes but we recommend to book early to secure your spot and we have better preparation!

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