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We would like to take a couple minutes to share with you reasons why our trip different from other tour and why you should book our trip:

  • Why do your female drivers wear Ao Dai? Vietnamese women in traditional dress Ao Dai is one of the most striking symbols of beauty in the country. However, nowadays, every Vietnamese woman prefers to wear it only on special occasions, such as traditional festivals and weddings… We want to contribute to preserving the heritage of Vietnamese women’s traditional Ao Dai at work. Because wearing the Ao Dai is practical and convenient, and it makes Vietnamese women appear charming and elegant. They do not have to think about what to wear to work every day. As a result, all of our female guides and drivers wear Ao Dai.
  • Why do you hire female drivers? Because we feel Vietnamese women are the most responsible drivers in the country! Not only that, but we believe that Vietnamese women are among the hardest working, yet most undervalued, in the world!
    Women continue to constitute a huge majority of the working poor in Vietnam, as they do across the developing world, earn less money, and are more frequently impacted by under- and un-employment, as well as hazardous working circumstances, than males.
  • Our Motorbikes are the latest model Honda Lead scooters and we are the owner of motorbikes that are regularly inspected and maintained. You feel like you are in a lounge chair, not hanging on tightly as some bikes you may do.
  • Our mainly female drivers are all licensed and have experienced. We hire and train female drivers to work for our company  to help and support women to have more work opportunity.


  • Our drivers have great knowledge of Vietnam custom, tradition and culture as well as understand and know how to take care of our clients in the most relaxed and professional ways. They also work with great passion and love of Vietnam and want to share their beloved Vietnam with you.
  • Our foods are authentic Vietnamese cuisine and local delicacies which Vietnamese people have every day and normal travelers cannot find in tourist restaurants
  • Our itineraries are unique and they are handcrafted. We have spent years of searching and carefully choose so it’s best suited our tour. When you travel with us you not only see the highlights of each city you also get to see the hidden parts that you cannot afford to miss.
  • PASSENGER BACKREST:  THEY ARE SPECIAL DESIGNED so you can rest and it is more secured while riding and enjoy your trip free of worries even travelers the first time on a motorbike. The seats are long and wide  and they are the most comfortable scooter available in the market so we have plenty of room for comfortable sitting

Travelers are recommended to book inadvance to secure your spots

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We are looking forward to provide you with the adventure of a life-time
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