Do we drive our own bike?

At Motorbike City Tours we provide experienced and licensed drivers. The organized chaotic traffic in vietnam has rule and we allow passenger to drive on certained routs. Please contact us in advanced for arrangement and test before departure if have international license and want to drive your own bike.

Should I book the tour in advance?

Of course you can book any time you want even at last minute but we recommend you book inadvance so we can prepare drivers and guide accordingly.

What’s special about your tour?

We have unique itineraries, excellent team, good quality motorbike and the passion to share the beauty of Vietnam with our customers

What should we bring on the day tours?

We have prepared rain coat, water, helmet, first- aid kit and we recommend our travelers to bring: sungglasses, shoes and suncream

Can a single traveler book the tour?

Of course you can and once you book you go it doesn’t matter how many people.

What if I am vegetarian or have food allergy?

Please let us know by the time of booking or let our guide know when we meet so we could arrange the meal for you

Why your tours are not cheap?

✅You get what you pay for, we have a strong desire to be the best, which adds a bit of extra cost but it’s totally worth it.
✅Set menus of great authenic and high quality food and fixed routes
✅Our professionally qualified guides, drivers and support staff earn some of the best salaries in the industry, which is in contrast to the market trend of student drivers offering motorbike tours. cheap prices in exchange for English lessons
✅Since our motorbike tours are all-inclusive with a 1driver – 1 passenger, our excursions are extremely competitive.
✅We pay taxes, license fees, office rent, insurance for employees and customers, and other costs because we are a fully licensed, legal tour operator

Do I get a refund if I cancel the tour?

Just let us know 3 days in advance by email or phone so there will be no charge

What does the tour include?

Adventure of a life time, amazing tour guide and driver, drink, food, raincoat if needed.

What are the payment method?

We prefer cash in VND or USD and it is the best way. We also use online payment( VTCpay – Secured National online payment company).

Where the tours start?

The tour will start from your hotel

Are the tours suitable for any age?

It doesn’t matter you are 6 or 80 , age is only a number and we have safe bike with special backrest design so you can hold on the bar and rest comfortably while riding.