Hanoi By Night Foodie Motorbike Tour

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As the sun sets on Hanoi, the nightlife comes alive!  Bustling markets fill the night air with lively sounds as tourists and locals alike take to the streets to explore.  And what comes along hand and hand with the night life is nothing other than the night food! Come along with us as we take you to some of the best places in Hanoi to sample authentic Vietnamese cuisine at its finest and try the wonderful variety of street food.

Tours depart daily 6:00pm – 10:00 pm

Hanoi By Night Foodie Motorbike Tour

Save your appetite for this one!  This is a tour meant for foodies and those wanting to experience the wonderful cuisine of Vietnam.  You’ll get to enjoy a wide range of street food in the most popular locations visited by all the locals.  

The first stop on our tour is a family run eatery Hanoians claim is the best spot for Banh Cuon (steamed rolled cake) in town.  The skilled chef will demonstrate for us how the ingredients are put together as we get to experience a front row seat to the culinary process.  

Our tour continues weaving through the streets bathed in the glow of colorful lanterns and decorative lights in the Old Quarter as we ride along the bank of the Red River to take in the views of Hanoi under the cover of night.

This leads us to our next stop, a local family eatery where you will get to enjoy Bun Cha( grilled pork with vermicelli noodle).

 You’ll be taken on a ride over to West Lake to enjoy the scenery before arriving at Ngu Xa village to try Freshly grilled seafood and some local desert like Che xoai( Mango desert), Purple rice with yoghurt and other traditional fried Vietnamese dishes.

As our tour takes you away from the West Lake area and back into the heart of Hanoi, you will be taken past the Ho Chi Minh memorial where guards can be seen performing their nightly ceremonies.  Nothing captures the reverence and sanctity that the Vietnamese hold for Ho Chi Minh more than these nightly ceremonies.

Finally we will head back into the densely packed streets of Hanoi to the train tracks where locals cook, relax, and sell their wares.  It is a bustling alley full of locals going about their nightly lives, right next to active train tracks!

Our tour winds down with a stop to a popular cafe to try the famous Vietnamese egg coffee and a top secret desert which you only know when you travel with us!  First invented in 1946, it’s a delicacy of whipped egg yolk with sugar and condensed milk for sweetness, and just a drop of vinegar to fluff the eggs.  This is floated on top of a shot of espresso and dusted with cocoa powder. The end result is a coffee experience like no other, and a taste and texture reminiscent of tiaramisu.

Our Foodie Tour Includes:

  • A friendly and knowledgeable tour guide along with our team of experienced and professional all female drivers.
  • Our fleet of 2018 Honda Lead scooters which are regularly inspected and maintained.
  • All necessary safety equipment including helmets and raincoats as well as comprehensive insurance for all passengers.
  • A wide variety of delicious Vietnamese cuisine as you are taken to on a whirlwind tour to many different popular spots adored by Hanoian locals.
  • Pickup & drop off from your hotel, or a location within reasonable distance in Hanoi.

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 Price: $69

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Dear valued customers,

We are an All Female Motorbike Tour Company in Hanoi using latest Honda Lead Motorbike model 2018 with passenger backrest(a very important part makes sitting on motorbike more comfortable and safer). 100% of our female drivers speaking fluent English and have been trained for 3 months on how to drive travelers in local traffic condition in a most comfortable and safe way. We also offer the unique tour program like no others for our trip so our guests not only the famous landmarks, but get a glimpse of the hidden gems and authentic lifestyle of Hanoi’s locals and have chance to interact with locals on our trip.

Recently there have been few companies and travel agents try to copy our tour programs, our photos and information from our website but please be aware that they are fake ones and copycats. To avoid this please book directly with us through our website or Email: info@motorbikecitytours.com or Whatsapp: +84 98 840 2008

Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you on our trip soon

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